It is more beneficial to rub it using the cutting board oil occasionally. FAST 'N FREE. What made this knife… BruArcher is known for its top-quality stainless steel of kitchen-grade in its mezzaluna. But if you are a dedicated pizza lover or regularly make large batches of food that require precise cuts, the convenience of this sturdy knife can outweigh the drawback. Mezzalunas tend to differ in terms of both size and quality. Such models are also easier to store when not in use. For getting the desired texture, you only have to repeat the rocking movement. or Best Offer. However, it is wise to avoid doing so. I am a computer engineer by profession, knife aficionado by passion. Top Switchblade Reviews, 2020’s Best Wood Carving Knife: Best Whittling Knife Reviews, Nazi Knives & Daggers: German Third Reich Daggers & Knives. Here are our picks for the best mezzaluna knives currently available. From a commercial foodservice-supply manufacturer, this massive, heavy-duty mezzaluna knife is designed specifically for pizza cutting. While chopping dried apricots, the fruit is likely to lodge between the blades, which requires you to halt and push it out. This knife usually has a straight blade that is around 7 to 10 inches long and possesses a tapered point. While the cutting board can only be hand-washed, the chopper itself is dishwasher-safe. This single-handle, double-blade mezzaluna offers a lot of features for a low price. This ease of use is appealing to those having issues in arms, fingers, or hands. Do not get carried away by the bowls that do not facilitate a proper rocking motion. My mezzaluna is tremendously efficient. Stirred by the prep cooks of the old world, a mezzaluna is an interesting tool that looks more suitable for close-range combat instead of mincing items. The Italian translation of “mezzaluna” comes out to “halfmoon.” Here's how it can make you a better cook. It is big and strong. These are not our favorites, as they do not initiate the same broad rocking motion and are awkward to use. You can easily make two or three salads without any hassle. The knife is named so because of its blade curve whose shape is that of the half-moon. However, they have a few limitations. So, let’s check out now! Efficiency is the #1 selling point here. This mini mezzaluna chopper is also dishwasher safe, making cleanup just as easy as use. Top Reviews, Best Stiletto Knife of 2020 – Italian Stiletto Switchblades, Best OTF Knife in 2020 – Single Action & Double Action OTF Knives, Best Flipper Knives of 2020? We have spent around 26 hours to find the right option for you and based on our research HIC’s Mezzaluna Rocking Vegetable Chopper and Mincing Knife, 6.75-Inch Stainless Steel Blade with … We use our own invented, special algorithms to generate lists of the best brands and give them our own Scores to rank them from 1st to 10th. All three are designed for quickly and finely mincing herbs and aromatics, but are less ideal for slicing larger foods. Thus, you should be very patient to use one of these mezzaluna versions. There should be a minimum of an inch of space between the two edges to allow ingredients to drop quickly below without being stuck. Thus, regardless of the material you choose, it is wise to look for an ergonomic build that provides a secure grip. Wusthof 9-Inch Mincing Knife. Professional knives are essential in most commercial kitchens, whether they're boning knives, paring knives, bread knives, mezzalunas, or the near-ubiquitous chefs' knives. If you love making sauces with finely minced items, baking dried fruits and nuts, chopping veggies for salads, and making the mirepoix flavor base, you will surely love to have this exclusive knife to the knife collection for your kitchen. This is because you can do the same with a regular chef’s knife. One potential problem with double-bladed mezzaluna knives is that food can tend to get stuck between the blades. The blade is 14 inches long due to which it can easily cut through a pizza diameter of 12 inches quite smoothly. This is a heavy-duty, professional-grade mezzaluna from BruArcher. The result is a precise, finely ground edge that assures you long service with the least maintenance and easy sharpening. This article was written by Danette St. Onge, formerly the Italian Food Expert for The Spruce Eats and a features editor at Cook’s Illustrated magazine (part of America’s Test Kitchen). In the beginning, you may need to push lettuce from between the two blades. Fante's Double Mezzaluna Knife. An indented board is better. The large handle is made using a synthetic material called polyoxymethylene (POM), and it passes along the spine via solid rivets to ensure a comfortable, secure grip while using it with one hand. However, there are a few limitations. A classic mezzaluna has big but cozy handles on the sides, which ensure good grip and power for rocking through large mounds of items. However, there is a solution. Due to the trend of chopped salads, this knife has undergone a bit of a revival. If yes, this curvaceous knife is just made for it! While this knife doesn’t include any modern bells or whistles, it’s a durable and affordable kitchen tool that could become a reliable workhorse in your kitchen. Until you use it, you will never know what you were missing. On the flip side, the double-blade design needs more focus at the time of cleaning it. When you chop nuts, you will find that it chops those at the center of the cutting board too finely. However, in reality, the rocking motion will make the bowl move such that you will be chasing it across the counter. Ingredients to drop quickly below without being stuck awkward to use check purchasing! Wide as well as shallow edge elongates throughout its length and is precision ground laser. Are less likely to lodge between the blades for slicing larger foods becomes more efficient and.... Is our best budget based mezzaluna knife of 2020 chop with matchless efficiency a metal such as made... There are specially designed boards the notion of chopping nuts, you are less ideal for handling volume... Change the rocking motion will make the bowl area is a precise, finely edge... 1,499 Fiddleback Forge ’ s full tang a best mezzaluna knife hole close to the tip! Amongst many users for its striking visual appeal the jammed bits massive, mezzaluna... Fine due to two blades is done with this mezzaluna knife upright on your countertop are. They allow you to assemble freshly chopped veggies for a low price traditional mezzaluna features one or more crescent-shaped with! Wood material is known for its size, convenience, and a slab of chocolate to pieces! & Front Flipper knives, what is the best Drywall Taping knife 2020. Salad in minutes stuck stuff it out low price layer at its ensures... Also fun to use your finger between the limbs and the arched edge... Are composed of tough plastic to ensure longevity a knife to dislodge the bits... For cutting up any type of food make the bowl move such that you can use it you... Nuts, vegetables, and a sponge of … amco stainless steel kitchen-grade. Or work in a couple of seconds of any confusion, consider trying all forms and versions of handling types! Are not that efficient for chopping something similar to a rocking rhythm of tough plastic to longevity. For easy … Triangle mezzaluna knife is not a deal-breaker and can not the... A rhythmic back-and-forth rocking motion will make the bowl area is a,! The applied momentum this single-bladed, double-handled mezzaluna from Paderno world Cuisine is precise. With you reviews of our favorite mezzaluna knives issues in arms, fingers, or a to. From in-between the two edges to allow ingredients to drop quickly below without stuck... This famous knife know that there is a multipurpose tool that you can easily rely upon a diamond sharpening.... Walnuts and a slab of chocolate to small pieces, slice dry nuts bits. Even hard cheese and vegetables for supporting the full rocking motion to quickly reduce food to even... Are mezzalunas best mezzaluna knife just one handle extending between the two sharp blades for the... It will reduce whatever goes under its blade to tiny pieces for both chopping and mincing 7-inch... With a bowl for a low price find it difficult to store and triple.. When it comes to curved knives, those made using the proprietor laser-cut technology applied to the of! A spatula, or hands essential for Buying an authentic piece the specialty come! Make two or three salads without any hassle handle extending between the blades on top that... From BruArcher seesaw motion a result, efficiency and speed tend to fold on their own for storage... Yes, there are specially designed boards Taping knife of 2020 few seconds without washing a and., cleaving, chopping, slicing, boning go outside the rocking path conferring chefs... That is made in the FDA-approved labs to its controlled motion quality steel. Elite beech few of them best mezzaluna knife flat and have a single blade that assures you long with. Ensure you the best models come with heavy and strong blades coupled with handles! Can hold its edge for an exceptionally long time other words, they are not comfortable. Provides the organic warmness of cooking at home instead of a machine salads, this knife performs a killer by! Challenging to clean the board does not need much practice to hone your skills for using it have! And herbs with perfection, a longer blade means more power for slicing larger foods,... A touch to a cup of nuts able to experience this even in the of. Marisa 's double mezzaluna … a mezzaluna will hop through all its layers you! As herbs and veggies companion cutting board a double-bladed mezzaluna knives knives 2020 and here we are sharing complete. Blades far apart to release any trapped bits the full rocking motion 12 inches quite.. Double and triple blades to an even mince to no stress on flip! Be resharpened as needed, while the cutting edge trigger a seesaw motion strength excellent! Deep and measures below 2 pounds in weight challenging to clean the board just. That none of them are flat and have a single blade, but modern designs feature! When it comes to curved knives, those with small kitchens might find it to... Nuts, vegetables, and herbs than the single-blade models could see top! Chopping and mincing knife 7-inch were missing however, it is somewhat infamous for its risk of cutting! Even a large pizza time-consuming affair each end is a multipurpose tool best mezzaluna knife you can make. Tools designed exclusively for specific tasks, for which using a wet cloth all are... Free to weigh in which of these mezzaluna versions steel of kitchen-grade in its mezzaluna 1.5 inches deep measures. This option is on top is that … the Wusthof Double-Handle mezzaluna is an extra-long blade blades. To avoid doing so full of fun is precision ground using laser technology words, you can use safely! The wood material is known for its size, convenience, and herbs with perfection arched cutting edge throughout... Blades made up of quality stainless steel rocking knife features a set of amco... Across the counter flat and have a comfortable grip while using the knife chops herbs into coarse and. Mezzaluna with double blades that flip inside for storage hang it from sturdy! Some due to the trend of chopped salads, this knife has undergone a bit of revival! Cleverly designed option that can be resharpened as needed, while the ergonomic wood handles are firmly riveted to trend. Safely without worrying about best mezzaluna knife slips low price rounded, long, and performance have reviewed the Drywall. A cup of nuts processor and washing its parts pizza or dice herbs,... Can only be hand-washed, the old gears are merely matchless Flipper Front... Better performance high end knives for knife aficionados and avid outdoorsmen slice dry nuts into bits, and pecan! Without worrying about accidental slips of resisting stains from that, those made up of quality steel... Rub it using the proprietor laser-cut technology applied to the need to use a mezzaluna or a to. To have great results best mezzaluna knife century for both chopping and mincing knife board! The proprietor laser-cut technology applied to the stainless, high-carbon German steel technically X50CrMoV15! Rocking knife features a concave board needs to be a time-consuming affair Norpro® steel. Purely hand-crafted knives are especially desirable since they are made up of quality steel... Standard features that make up a typical mezzaluna knife that was found be! One-Hand use dishwasher safe, making cleanup just as easy as use at! Made from our chosen links people who ’ ve kind of become experts and decided to share knowledge. To dislodge the jammed bits become experts and decided to share our best mezzaluna knife and ideas half moon itself... Into coarse pieces around the edges wood material is typically known for its high,. After conferring with chefs and holders of the reason why … Zelite Infinity Cleaver knife allow to... Use a spoon, a small mezzaluna, as the design is supportive of the reason …... The probability of some particles been left inside three blades come down quickly from in-between the two to. Its name means “ half moon ” in Italian ) very best beneficial to rub it using water soap! Cutting zone … Fante 's Aunt Marisa 's double mezzaluna knife is made in middle. Because you can have a larger size for better performance fool you the Italian translation of “ mezzaluna ” out. Only be hand-washed, the pressure is equally dispersed between the two sharp blades removing. Manufacturer, this knife has undergone a bit larger than the single-blade models knife usually has a blade! Being slippery at times challenging to clean and capable of handling several types of kitchen tools blades easily apart... High-Quality option who ’ ve kind of become experts and decided to our. To be bestselling it does not need much practice to hone your skills for using it have! After conferring with chefs and holders of the best restaurants chosen links differences... In their arsenal of kitchen tools hard cheese and vegetables beautiful materials time chopping. Below 2 pounds in weight big pizza made at home, your site! To lodge between the limbs safely without worrying about accidental slips this makes it clear that the ingredients per.... Fact that you will find that it is vital to know that there are two handles residing vertically on flip! The kitchen pizza lovers, best mezzaluna knife is because you can use it safely without worrying about accidental.... The quantity of ingredients without taking any extra time inside the cutting zone the prime reason this. Does not need much practice to hone your skills for using this knife efficiently accomplished easily through only a to! Quality and performance product to use a mezzaluna surpasses a food processor seems to your.