Programme committee

The programme committee will comprise researchers from Koç University and the University Duisburg-Essen (UDE) as well as experts from the Triple Helix network partners.

In the apparent thematic and strategic connection there are significant synergies between single initiatives, programmes and projects in both Turkey and Germany. The interests and strategic objectives of institutions on regional and national levels alike are addressed also in terms of network development. These parties assured their full support for the ECoL Summer School.

We can draw on networks of renowned research institutes and universities in both countries, which will be included as organisational supporters (i.e. scientific consultants or multipliers) or as subject specialists.

Organizing committee

Based on the successful cooperation over the past years Koç University (Istanbul) and UDE have developed the concept for the joint Summer School.

Co-Chair ECoL
Prof. Dr. Metin Türkay
Department of Industrial Engineering
Koç-IBM Supply Chain Research Center
Prof. Dr. Bernd Noche
Department for Transport Systems and Logistics (TUL)
Centre for Logistics & Traffic (ZLV)

Koç University, Koç-IBM Supply Chain Research Center, Department of Industrial Engineering

On the Turkish side, Koç University provides an extensive, internationally visible working focus on solutions for urban areas from logistics in research, teaching and transfer.

At Koç University, the different departments are closely linked, which is especially true for the Department of Industrial Engineering, working on the development of systemic approaches, and to Koç-IBM Supply Chain Research Center for their application

University of Duisburg-Essen, Centre for Logistics & Traffic, Department for Transport Systems and Logistics

On the German side, as a cross-faculty institution with more than 40 members the Centre for Logistics & Traffic (ZLV) at the University of Duisburg-Essen contributes expert knowledge from the cooperation with Germany’s first top-level cluster for Logistics (EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr, with roughly € 116 Mio. the largest research project in North Rhine-Westphalia).

The Department of Transport Systems and Logistics (TUL) covers a wide range of interdisciplinary research activities around logistics. The core research competencies and interests of TUL include the development of innovative technical systems, logistics in urban systems, future internet applications in logistics, modelling and simulation of logistics processes and systems, global supply chain optimization, sustainable and green logistics, modelling of multi-modal transportation chains, and, last but not least, design and planning of logistics systems.