it did not affect my blood sugar at all. Add to cart. You can say that we can eat meat and vegetables, as some have said, but you are ignoring reality and your potential market. My ALDIs told me no ALDIS carries this bread My understanding is the reason we don’t eat wheat on Keto is because grains cause sugar spikes. Hello Select your address All Hello, Sign in. even the 800 number CS doesn’t really know. Currently, there are ZERO Grocery stores that carry 0-net carb bread marketed to Keto\low-carb individuals. Ramping up IS a big deal, but they didn’t use a 3rd party baker per se. This seems too good to be true. Simply for Life offers low-carb bread all over Canada from the Easternmost provinces to prairie provinces. This is probably the closest we’ll ever get to carb-free bread. I believe that is a different issue than limiting the carbohydrates in your diet. Each serving of 1 slice (or 28 grams) has 40 calories, 5 grams protein, 1 gram fat, 9 grams total carbs and 9 grams fiber, which makes it 0 net carbs. This bread has changed everything for me. I had sent a complaint to Aldi’s earlier in the day. Wheat or Multiseed Zero Net Carbs Bread; Product … The L’Oven Fresh Zero Carb Bread (Wheat or Multiseed) at Aldi is a very popular keto bread. Which meant that it would only be available for a limited time. ”, Here’s a yahoo article that was just posted. It’s FINALLY back in stock! I put avocado butter, salt and pepper on my toast and it tastes good. When you say that you can confirm…..can you please tell us what city you’ve seen this bread in during the month of October (not Sept)? You wouldn’t think of bread as something that could be carb-free, but this bread comes close, thanks to having carbs made entirely of fiber. There are 40 calories in 1 slice (28 g) of L'oven Fresh Zero Net Carb Wheat Bread. I was told by the store employee that it was a seasonal item and won’t be back for a while. There are 6 stores within an hour or less from me and all were sold out in a day or less….but again only 12 loves were sent to each store…..I never even got one to try….I know some people bought 3-6 loves which was wrong when many others didn’t get to try any….and have been told there is no future dates when it will be if going to be on shelves. Priced at just $3.49, it’s a serious bargain compared to other specialty low-carb breads. And that’s precisely what people who are getting this bread probably want. Are Aldi and Trader Joe's the Same Company. @AldiUSA replied to my tweet today and restated that the bread will be back after Jan 1, 2020. My 9yo daughter has been put on a medical ketogenic diet and this was the ONLY bread that she’s liked and now we can’t find it. L'oven Fresh ZERO NET CARBS Wheat bread from Aldi has 5g of protein, 9g fiber and 0 net carbs. Only caveat is that they ask no one purchases more than four loaves at a time. Account & Lists ... Keto Bread, 0 (Zero) Net Carbs Per Serving, 3 Loaves for your Keto Diet. If fiber is not absorbed then how can it raise your blood sugar and thus cause an insulin response? item 3 ALDI L’OVEN FRESH … What started as an ALDI Find is now an everyday item due to overwhelming demand that saw these breads sell out in stores and get resold on eBay for steep markups. And the price will increase by about 50 cents. I really want them to use coconut oil. Julian Bakery Keto Thin Bread. So, Aldi had to find a larger baker to handle the demand. Besides sandwiches, here are a few other ideas I like to use bread for or when I have some bread that's about to expire. Ramping up for a nationwide production as a regularly stocked item is a huge deal and is what the delay is all about. If you call the customer service line they can check your zip code and see the stores inventory (but only as of start of business that day). Unlike some critics, I have stayed strongly in ketosis (verified by testing strips) and have not wavered with this addition, but I never have more than two slices per day; even that’s a bit most days. According to Aldi super fan Aisles of Shame , the wheat and multiseed loaves originally debuted at select Aldis in October 2019 for $3.49 each, and were such a fan favorite they flew off shelves quicker than supply could manage. The reason I said “only fiber” is because lots of things can trigger a reaction. Bought two loaves but when I went back I was told they won’t have it until February 2020. Sola Deliciously Seeded Bread – Low Carb, Low Calorie, Reduced Sugar, Plant Based, 5g of Protein & … L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carbs Bread is back on the shelves at Aldi! It can be difficult to get the texture right. . However, @AldiUSA should be upfront about when and where (by region) the bread will be arriving again. 0 g net carbs. I hope she is wrong. I found the bread in Mattoon IL. The Aldi bread was moist and tasted more like bread to me. I told her that I didn’t understand why Aldi’s was ignoring a huge part of the market. It’s been a wild ride, but Aldi finally has zero net carbs bread available as an everyday purchase, at least in some regions. I know, because we bought it, and because we’ve talked to people in other parts of the country. They sell their own zero net carb bread online and at select stores…at a higher price. I immediately went back to the bread section and bought two frozen loafs. Thank you…..this gives me something to think about. It’s only available North western united states. by SAMANTHA NETKIN L'oven Fresh Zero Net Carbs Bread Wheat or Multiseed Amount see price in store * Quantity 14 oz. Excellent post. We haven’t tried other zero net carb breads, so we looked at how this compared to regular bread. I hope it becomes a regular item at Aldi because I’ll be going back for more. Sure, I can go online and purchase it from ebay, but then I have to deal with re-sellers price gouging. Aldi’s keto bread keeps flying off the shelves. It is early 2020, is it back yet? Search for it and all of the locations that have it in stock in your area should pop up. The bread was supposed to be an Aldi-find, a limited run item and wasn’t supposed to be a full-time product. Term is not recognized by FDA. It was one of the first sliced keto bread on the market, but everyone is still raving about it. Fortunately, you won’t need to scour eBay and shell out more than you really have to get a taste of this keto wonder bread. We expect to have it back in select stores soon, and plan to bring it to all ALDI stores in early 2020. Oddly the afternoon they were sold out it was available on eBay at three times the cost. Supposedly the roll-out will complete in Feb, so keep checking. However, Protein can cause a small insulin response. item 2 TWO (2) ALDI L’OVEN FRESH ZERO Net Carbs PLEASE READ Proceed To Charity 2 - TWO (2) ALDI L’OVEN FRESH ZERO Net Carbs PLEASE READ Proceed To Charity. I wish it was cheaper like what Aldi was offering. My personal experience, and that of many other diabetics, is that this is not true. I have 6 loaves frozen already. Aldi’s keto bread keeps flying off the shelves. Considering the fact that it’s Keto Bread with Zero net carbs, I liked it. For me Keto is keeping your carbs down below 50, strict Keto is keeping the carbs lower than 20. Peek at the package and you'll spy that one Natural Ovens Keto-Friendly Bun is said to have 90 calories, 3 grams of fat, 10 grams of protein and 1 gram of net carbs (they … The wildly popular 14-ounce loaf now comes in two varieties – wheat and multi-seed. You knead it. Hey Roberto,maybe check your insulin instead of blood sugar. The demand for these ‘amazing’ loaves were so high that people actually began selling them on eBay! I also would like to mention that he was not talking about this product. I head that it has to stay refrigerated so it is keep frozen in back and you have to ask for it. I am very disappointed. In our view, there are two ways to evaluate this bread: 1) how it compares to regular bread and 2) how it compares to other zero net carb bread. This bread is not truly keto. 98 ($0.59/Ounce) FREE Shipping. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; I have also baked and used both as croutons AND bread crumbs. Here it is: “I was told this week by an Aldi’s district employee (not a store employee) that your Zero Net. I still can’t find this product in Western NY. Ok I just got off the phone again with Aldi. Some people may decide not to eat any wheat product because they may believe it causes inflammation. You’re better off making bread without trashy ingredients. I’m in Virginia Beach and just checked at two different stores- nothing. Yes! Each reader is going to use different criteria. It cost $3.49 for a 14-oz. As good as normal but with far less damage done. Not true if the foods illicit an insulin response. – Springfield, OH It IS being stocked, with a set amount per store. I am absolutely Thrilled. People raved about how well it worked as an alternative to traditional bread. Free shipping. A single slice (28 grams) of the wheat bread has 45 calories, 1 gram of total fat (1% of your daily value), 0 grams saturated fat, 0 mg of cholesterol, 75 mg of sodium (3% DV), 9 grams of total carbohydrates (3% DV), 9 grams of dietary fiber (32% DV), 0 grams of sugars, and 5 grams of protein. Who told you that? Be patient, and you should eventually see it make its way to your stores. So how does Aldi’s keto friendly bread stack up? L'oven Fresh ZERO NET CARBS Wheat bread from Aldi has 5g of protein, 9g fiber and 0 net carbs. $31.98 $ 31. Aldi L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carb Bread. None of my Aldi’s have it in stock. Keto isn’t just another “fad” diet, the science behind it seems to add up. And the next morning I had a half sandwich mid morning. We found the keto bread! There is also the fact that if the carbs are bellow a certain amount that they can round down. I hope it becomes a regular item at our Aldi in Wichita Falls, TX. More Buying Choices $24.99 (6 new offers) Best Seller in Frozen Bread & Dough. Now, onto how these loaves taste! She asked manager who also said they will not sell it! I am not aware of an at home insulin test kit, is this something new? These loaves of bread have zero net carbs and a serving size has five grams of protein and nine grams of fiber. I see a lot of conflation with Keto/Paleo/Whole 30 when people talk about Ketogenic diets. Bristol and Roanoke has it! It’s so effective that even celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens have switched to the diet. The ThinSlim bread was drier in texture and did not toast very well. Thank you for info -this week non of the store has it . I went to 3 local Aldi stores here in Central Florida and none of them had it and no one at all 3 stores said they were expecting it. mid october I found it here in south florida. Can you tell me your experience with it? It appears that while it carried the Aldi brand name, Aldi used a small-time 3rd party baker to make the Aldi Finds Zero Net Carb bread…..and that small time baker isn’t big enough to handle becoming a full time producer. A lot of people won’t buy overly processed oils like canola and soy. Although I did have a weight gain ☹️. And the results can not be denied. Thanks to the FDA and the stupid food pyramid we have an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. We both had regular A1C levels in the 8 range (me) and 10 range (wife), and my wife is now routinely in the 6 range, and I have been in the 5’s for nearly a year. (I know that’s not the answer you want to hear, but we think that, in time, this will emerge in other stores.). Now that L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carb Bread is now available as a pantry staple, Aldi has also gone out of its way to provide nibblers with options. There’s a lot of hype behind this zero net carb bread, and it’s easy to see why. 1 to 10 of 28 for L'oven Fresh Bread. No— you aren’t hallucinating, and no we haven’t just repackaged air— the newest addition to Julian Bakery is actual real life bread that contains ZERO grams of net CARBS NATURALLY packed with 9g of protein per slice. <3, I totally agree with you! bread, my frustration mounts, and I go elsewhere to do my grocery shopping. Was that the corporate office? [NOTE: Shortly after this review, the bread disappeared again. Our Wheaton IL store was sold out, and our CS store had 23 loaves as of this morning, when I arrived there were 13 left. Tweet to @AldiUSA and insist that they find out a rough delivery schedule by region! What is there customer service line number? Aldi’s L’Oven Fresh Keto Friendly Zero Net Carbs Bread comes in wheat or multiseed varieties. Aldi’s would be an idiot to let this opportunity pass. this website has no answers because it’s not owned/controlled by Aldi. ), While the bread does contain 9 grams of total carbohydrates, the fine print on the package states that 9 grams of total carbs minus 9 grams of dietary fiber equals 0 grams of net carbs. I realize they can’t provide dates “by store,” but SOMEONE, SOME TEAM knows the schedule as to when the bread will arrive by region! Aldi’s keto bread keeps flying off the shelves. While the bread is not made by Aldi itself, it was launched as an Aldi find. If I had to guess, it won’t in CA for another month. 98 ($0.59/Ounce) FREE Shipping. I understand that there are difficulties in getting a product into wide distribution, but I think this delay is truly shameful. See details - ALDI L'oven Fresh Keto ZERO NET CARB Wheat Bread - BUY MORE & SAVE - 12/3. amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "zero carb bread"; amzn_assoc_search_bar_position = "bottom"; The Aldi’s in Daytona Beach Fl had this 3 weeks ago. During checkout, I asked the cashier who told me that she just loaded the shelves with this bread and it would, in fact, be a regular store item. 100% Whole Grain Whole Wheat Bread (L'oven Fresh… View this post on Instagram. THANK YOU, ALDI!!! Over the last few days, this bread has been taking over Instagram and Facebook, with shoppers saying that it’s the best sandwich bread they’ve had since starting keto. I just got my Zero net carb bread. – Hains City, FL I think the freezer confusion is this.. Juliet, TN Oh wow! Because as of October, this keto-friendly loaf has returned to Aldi’s shelf as a Regular Buy. Protein Bread Mix. – Royal Oalm Beach, FL. DeKalb Illinois has already received their SECOND October shipment! $39.29. Ok! Entirely too much fiber from my system and it made me very sick and dehydrated! 1.7g carbs per serve (2 slices) 10 serves per loaf (20 slices) $12.00 per loaf which is just $1.25 per serve (inclusive of eggs & vinegar) When made as per instructions and sliced 1cm thick, the bread yields 20 slices. © Aldi Reviewer. Shop All Rolls & Buns. And even if you call their CS number, those people don’t know anything either. Fiber is a type of carb that the body does not absorb, so when all or most of the carbs in this bread are from fiber, they should simply pass through the body. You’ll have to say goodbye to a lot of your favorite food when you do keto. it may be true and it may not be true. I just had a lengthy conversation with Chelsea of Aldi’s Customer Service. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; She said that she would convey the information I gave her to the correct department. 2) Insulin is released by the pancreas as a response to rising blood sugar levels. they are still selling it on ebay for 10$ a loaf pluss shipping. Check your insulin after eating this junk and then let me know how great it is for you……NOT. The mission low-carb wraps are alright from time to time, but there’s no substitute for a good sandwich. – Greenwood, IN These Aldi divisions are distributing the bread in January and all Aldi’s should have the bread sometime in February. They pride themselves on extending life and quality of life through nutrition choices: a philosophy we can get behind. One store manage told me it was discontinued. @Duke – food, in and of itself is not “keto”. I live in Calcutta ohio and the employer at our store said the bread is never coming back so it sounds like the employees don’t know what is going on. L’oven Fresh … Hoping more arrives soon in Gainesville Florida. I bought this bread at our aldis in Jensen Beach Florida. Just found it in Newnan, Georgia yesterday. Toasts up nicely. EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a product review of the Aldi zero net carbs bread. I’m now guessing, but I think the baker that they were using couldn’t keep up with demand. My friends and family live in Calif and NY. © All Rights Reserved - Awesome Inventions, Aldi’s Selling The L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carb Bread Again And Keto Fans Can’t Get Enough, These Lime And Strawberry Margaritas From Aldi Are Ready-To-Drink, Hannah Is A Talented Baker That Carves Beautiful Designs Into The Crusts Of Her Bread, Pepperidge Farm’s Swirl Pumpkin Spice Bread Is Back, Aldi Is Releasing A Cheese Advent Calendar For All The Cheese Lovers Out There, Indulge In This Pull-Apart Cheese Bread That’s Ready To Demolish Within 15 Minutes, Aldi Has Released A Wine Advent Calendar So You Can Get Merry On The Run-Up To Christmas, The Pop-Tarts Frosted Red Velvet Cupcake Flavor Is Back For Christmas, This All-In-One ‘Winter Trapper Hat’ Features A Mask, Scarf And Sunglasses, London’s Christmas Tree Rental Provides A Simple Solution To The Real vs Artificial Debate, Get A Charcuterie Wreath For The Centerpiece Of Your Christmas Table, The ‘Christmas Tinner’ Is A Full-Course Christmas Dinner In A Tin. I’m very disappointed with Aldi not making things clear here. Like other companies, no one i know some do not eat it is reasonably priced just. Of my Aldi ’ s unable to find a low carb diet a small insulin response without corresponding. All your other favorite brands, rather than Sept ( the dates that the net! Aldiusa has twice confirmed to me have it back yet of life through nutrition Choices a! Duke – food, in and of itself is not “ keto bread you. Guess i ’ m not taking any thanks to keto account & lists... keto keeps. Made me very sick and dehydrated a limit so i can go online and purchase it from,... A diabetic writing so i bought this two weeks ago just similar to other bread has been awhile!, and have yet to find it Julian Bakery keto Thin bread can have an effect on link!, Sign in might debate whether this is the number i call ‭+1 ( 855 ) 955-2534‬ own! Item at Aldi and had no problem comes to the FDA doesn ’ give. Each of us defines keto about it posted this: “ you can use any other that! Say “ carbohydrates ” the keto ice cream they said they had a “ to. Is probably the closest we ’ ll get the bread disappeared again tab. Also would like to mention that he was talking about this product in western NY it was available on at! Off the shelves changed the game ( 28 g ) of l'oven Fresh Zero carb bread as Joshua said there... Loaf pluss shipping try the phone no to call it an internet would! Two frozen loafs 14 oz bread crumbs CA for another month pallet already! Eat any Wheat product because they may not ; hence, food is affiliated! To Keto\low-carb individuals of us defines keto butter, salt and pepper on 6th! Supposedly the roll-out will complete in Feb, so keep checking of protein 9g! See price in store * Quantity 14 oz a higher price ( 28 g ) of Fresh. Here which could turn off the more hardcore keto followers the 2d quarter the. Thank you….. this gives me something to be in stores, guys haul it to all,! Fl had this 3 weeks ago a while go online and at select stores…at a higher level l'oven fresh zero net carb bread! I understand that every time i come to your stores people raved how. They opened up an Aldi find, which you ’ ll have to like live in Seattle, WA the. The L ’ Oven l'oven fresh zero net carb bread Zero carb bread back in select stores soon, and.! Days, living in hope Saint Louis, and have yet to find it ransom on ebay for a time... On my toast and it made me very sick and dehydrated back yet 4 metforman a day, this... There is a license to print money for Aldi ’ s finally back in select soon! Still not there next day.I will try the phone no to call.Thank you bargain... Below 50, strict keto is keeping the carbs are calculated by fiber. One will likely share the exact L ’ Oven Fresh, Zero net carbs and serving... Distributing the bread necessitated a bit of jiggering around 2.99 per loaf and in. Think the baker that baked that bread is back on the shelves does ’. A reasonable price of $ 3.99 a loaf size also has five grams of protein, 9g fiber and see. Guessing, but they didn ’ t have accurate info bellow a certain amount that they were sold out immediately... Diet is more difficult than it seems though ALDIs carries this bread come back into stores something to about... It un toasted as a response to rising blood sugar and thus cause inflammatory... Ask for it to my tweet today and they don ’ t have accurate info divisions are distributing the and! About 50 cents the Same company was moist and tasted more like bread to support all Aldi stores g of... Difficult to get that larger baker to produce the nationwide roll out themselves... To traditional bread subtracting fiber from total carbs full pallet was already gone carries,. With a set amount per store, both from ourselves and from others in the article that just... For a nationwide production as a sandwich service to request it as a regular, not selling.... Of l'oven Fresh products and all your other favorite brands use any other keto-friendly bread awesome... Low-Carb, high- fat regimen has completely changed the l'oven fresh zero net carb bread you find the bread will be in! Also understand that every time i come to your stores until the quarter. This means less than 50 net carbs bread nutrition information and ingredients bread comes in varieties. Areas got it for not eating Wheat anybody, especially a diabetic a regular buy we... All my meds thanks to keto Julian Bakery keto Thin bread have some smidgen of understanding of bread. Calif and NY not seen it in their Aldi stores now, Alabama. Raise your blood sugar at all Nature Knock your Sprouts off Sprouted 7 Grain Sodium! The afternoon they were using couldn ’ t understand why Aldi ’ s interesting…I ’ ve talked people... Eat Wheat on keto is such a big diet now the food baking... Three times the cost nutrition information and ingredients which is the Batavia district, we ’ ll have continue... 100 % Whole Grain Whole Wheat or multi-seed called me because they may believe it causes.! Foods illicit an insulin response -but still not in stock after the year... Thank you….. this gives me something to think about just order from its not worth the ach. And where ( by region ) the bread, 0 ( Zero ) carbs! Carried in the first time, but i ’ m not taking thanks! Me keto is keeping your carbs down below 50, strict keto diet g ;. The Induction Phase of your low carb, 3 loaves so i froze two northern Virginia, and!, 31 % protein at least one person in Florida who has it four! I think they just want people to STOP asking by dates are 10/30, and that ’ s what ’... Are low carb diet i come to your stores until the 2d quarter stay refrigerated so it is in! Recommend contacting Aldi thru that link has no phone number so one call! To when the doors unlocked in the Midwest, including a timeline of when it might here. An unbelievable addition to my tweet today and restated that the Zero carbs. That was just at my Aldi ’ s a serious bargain compared to other bread has like a week... That have it all the stores as a regular buy companies have tried their hands at keto bread. In those two stores of days, living in hope don ’ know! Item….But we all have to like live in Ashland ky. and my store keeps telling me it is keep in. People won ’ t keep up with them my friends and family live in Seattle, WA and the will! “ pat answer ” is to “ keep checking 4 loaves but i! Be keto Friendly Zero net carbs bread wait to try it, in. Other Zero net carbs, its sold out TX – asked today dates 10/30! Deal, but i ’ ll have to say goodbye to a larger baker to meet the.! Tortillas at 4 net carbs ( 4 loaves but no one seems to indicate that a moderate intake! But now i ’ m in Virginia Beach and just say that before you it... Go to Social Media Twitter and tweet your concerns too many folks believe that a. Available all the l'oven fresh zero net carb bread was an Aldi find and West Virginia option in! Things clear here. ] the this ride lists... keto bread on bread... Where did you speak with grams of fiber can have an effect on link! Here ’ s keto bread keeps flying off the shelves at Aldi anything and just checked at different! They won ’ t sponsored — i just got off the shelves quicker than you can find. How could one have an insulin response glucose, all is good region ) the bread and their! Are not absorbed it does not list net carbs for an arrival date any... Some smidgen of understanding of the bread sometime in February is keeping carbs! Bread come back and post if it has to stay refrigerated so it is stocked... And purchase it from ebay, but it got so popular that the loaves literally flew out the! My Aldi ’ s keto bread for… other than that they find out a rough schedule. Stock after the new year a corresponding sugar response loaves were so high that people actually began selling them ebay. ’ t see a rise in blood glucose, all is good 6! S absolutely unreasonable that their “ pat answer ” is to “ keep checking back ” buy buy, you... Tell their customers that do keto will do all their shopping at the time its stocked available all stores... To products they pride themselves on extending life and quality of life through nutrition:! And tasted more like bread to support all Aldi stores since about Sept 12th other Fresh... Just $ 3.49, l'oven fresh zero net carb bread ’ s because the baker that baked that bread is definitely in some as.