Dent & Scratch Sale; Munitions Grade Sale; Culture. $70.00 CAD. The bearded head allows for a grip directly behind the head for precise work. Kult Of Athena - Swords. Medieval Bearded Axe for sale is 30 ½ inches in all and weighs 4 pounds 6 ounces. £13.35 postage. Other axes were designed specifically for war. Free postage. Add to Cart. American Civil War; Celtic; Chinese; Crusader; Egyptian; Greek; Japanese; ... Norse Bearded Axe head: $33.95: Back Ordered. or Best Offer. When looking for the right axe heads for sale, ... A bearded axe head is often used to shape a piece of wood to perfection. Buy the popular medieval Bearded Axe for $ 139.99. A-23V; The Viking Bearded Axe is a close copy of one found in Gotland. Only 2 left *Hot* Custom Handmade Tomahawk Bearded Hatchet Combat Throwing Hunting Axe Tool. We stock all types of Viking axes included very historically accurate forged axes. These Bearded Axes features a historical medieval design with a sharpened tempered edged 6 inch blade. Scandinavian Vendel Chieftain's Sword with Damascus Blade - Brass Hilt with Tin Plated Accents $285.00 CAD $325.00 CAD. The huge curve on the bottom side of the axe head was used to hook the shield of an enemy and to then to pull on the shield to put them off balance. I happily stumbled upon their broad axe design before their brand was up and running, and managed to acquire one before the demand storm struck. When used on a long shaft the beard was handy for hooking the edge of enemy shields. All Axes are custom made for each order and can be engraved with personalised runes. The guard is 0.57 inches thick. They have a forged axe head and a hardwood shaft. Some heads on our website also come with a handle to give you a complete assembly that's ready to use. It is not designed for hacking and slashing, but for controlled splitting. Peace Pipe Tomahawk - Brass with Steel Edge: $42.95 $30.00: In Stock. 55 cm long excellent product of Arma Epona smithy (Czech Republic) you can buy… The bearded broad axe, pictured above, is my first love. £289.99. This style was widely found, and could be used as either a tool or a weapon. The raven axes look very interesting too. £39.66. Hand Forged Bushcraft Hatchet, Handmade Axe. Worldwide Shipping Available. Everyone owned a wood cutting axe that could be used as a dangerous weapon. This is why many of the designs feature a massive axe head edge. The cutting edge is about 4 1/4". These handles are available … 25 watching ※ Bearded axe / hatchet with handle Viking type - rare shape!!! The Viking axe was a very common weapon. Hand Forged Medieval Bearded Axe featuring: material high carbon spring steel blade, wooden shaft, leather BLUNT/SHARP blade with round edge case hardened for re-enactment practice size of head 16 x 19 cm shaft approx. Hand Forged Axe Head, Axe Heads, Steel Axe Head, Make your own axe, Ax head, Handmade Axes, Bushcraft axe, replacement axe head, steel axe. 46 oz Handmade Damascus Steel Bearded Axe Head-Axe Blank-Heat Treated-AHD. It is an outstanding axe for its purpose. It's just a bit heavier than the belt axe, with a head weight of about 18 ounces. Axes with large edge were commonly known as a bearded axe. Handmade Viking Axes on Sale now.

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