Objectives of ECoL

Through ECoL, the groundbreaking collaboration of several European research projects is made accessible to a wider audience and to extended expert groups. Additionally, content and structural perspectives of the cooperation are defined within the modern and interdisciplinary research field of logistics.

The aim of ECoL is to heighten the international visibility of Germany and Turkey as sites of innovation, especially with actors from the scientific community, with companies strong in research and with R&D investors from both countries. A special focus lies on encouraging ideas, research perspectives and the exchange of young academics.

Considering that innovations in the interdisciplinary and service-oriented field of logistics (i.e. production management, transport management, e-commerce, and new concepts in circular economy) are per se knowledge-intensive, research plays an important part for societal and economic progress as well.

  • Network formation and expansion: A network for key issues for the future in logistics will be developed from existing collaboration structures. The summer school facilitates the exchange between Turkish and German experts from different stakeholder groups (science, industry and public sector) and with mutual international partners.
  • Institutionalisation: The fostering and expansion of scientific Turkish-German cooperation and the increase of bilateral achievements in research and development as well as the establishment of a Turkish-German research center. Consolidation of joint research, inclusion in academic education, intensification of visible transfer into practice and recommendations for political frameworks.
  • Introduction of a Summer School on the basis of existing scientific cooperation between Koç University and the University of Duisburg-Essen as well as an extended network of renowned research institutions and universities.
  • Establishment of the scientifically accentuated brand “Emerging Concepts of Logistics” (ECoL) with a Turkish-German core within a European and international setting of scientific, economic and policy-driven communities. Emphasis lies on the interdisciplinary character of logistics in socio-economic systems and its international definition as a key area of innovation.

Benefit for participants

The ECoL Summer School targets participants from the stakeholder groups science, industry and public policy, forming the Triple Helix structure. Young academics, including PhD students and post-doc researchers, are invited to actively and interdisciplinary participate in the creation and analysis of new concepts, models and ideas in the field of logistics.

Furthermore, representatives from the business community who want to engage in the design and advancement of new logistical systems and solutions as well as policymakers who care to proactively promote favorable conditions for new ideas and concepts are invited to join the ECoL Summer School.